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Every Data Warehouse consists of lots of SQL code. While previously all business transformations have been handled in SSIS, in recent times I have often seen more and more logic handled in Stored Procedures. Stored procedures have the benefit that they run onPrem and on Azure and are cost efficient...

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After five interesting years at avanade I join noventum consulting this month again. I worked for noventum already from 2012 to 2017. Noventum is a small consulting boutique with a team of experienced business intelligence and data warehouseing experts on Microsoft technology.

I will join ther...

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I have presented at Power BI Fest on November 20th 2021. It was an honor to be part of a conference with many great speakers.

For the resources used in the presentation and more details please have a look at my previous blog post.

You find the deck here: PDF

I will be speaking at the Power BI Fest next weekend.

The topic will be how to analyze your Azure Cost with Power BI. This gives many benefits compared with the native functionality in the Azure portal, for example speed and options to customize.

The result of this can look like the following:...

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On Azure most data services offer a firewall. Unfortunately, at the moment the details of those firewalls differ. As soon as a firewall is switched on for any storage service (e.g. Azure Data Lake Gen2, Azure Synapse, Azure Key Vault), Azure Data Factory cannot access the resources by default anymore and must be configured accordingly.

In this blog post, I want to demonstrate how to demonstrate how to connect ADF and Synapse pretty securely without going with a full Managed VNet Runtime of ADF which would incur extra cost.

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Yesterday Microsoft has announced and made available a new type of ingestion. It is named the metadata-driven copy task. With this new task, one can within minutes create a pipeline that loads data from a wide variety of data sources into a many of the ADF supported data sources.

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